Not all sprays are the same: don’t be tricked! November 27 2019

Don’t be fooled by ‘30 day supply’ claims from some sprays. To be effective you need two doses per day. This equates to 30ml for a 1 month supply. 30ml sprays are better value.

Sprays the ‘secret weapon’ with popular Meal Plans November 27 2019

Nutritionist (name here) shocked at the results when coupling Marz sprays with popular meal plans such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. ‘Free up points’ ...

How Marz Slimming Sprays surpass Shakes & Pills November 27 2019

Founder, Keith Marz, explains why he recommends slimming sprays to his patients to help reduce cravings, cut down on meal sizes and fast-track weight loss.