C-Spray (Immune Support - Vitamin C and Vitamin D Blast)

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C-Spray delivers powerful high-absorption doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D, supporting your body's natural ability to defend against illness and speed recover. C-Spray's proprietary blend of Vitamins and minerals was developed for comprehensive immune system support. Recommended during times of stress, and should be taken daily to avoid getting common colds.  Imagine a convenient way to get a blast of Vitamin C and D, anywhere anytime.

Unlike pills which may or may not disintegrate, C-Spray was developed to help you easily get the nutrients you need into your system.  Vitamins such as Vitamin C need to be re-dosed throughout the day, and who wants to take pills every few hours?  There is no easier and convenient way to fuel your body throughout the day.  C-Spray supports stress management, increased vitality, and radiant skin. Perfect for travelers and anyone spending time in public spaces that wants to avoid getting sick.


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