Juicy Spray (Multi-Vitamin + Juice and Veggie Blend)

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The world craze for JUICING has never been more prevalent.  Juice Bar's are popping up everywhere.  These juice blends cost from $6 - $15 EACH.  For about $1/day you can have the nutrients from 29 fruits and vegetables plus doses of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E in a convenient and portable spray bottle.  JUICY can be sprayed directly into your mouth and it tastes great, or you can add to any drink to give your drink a boost of nutrients and vitamins. 

Juicy packs the vitamin and mineral goodness of 29 fruits and vegetables into a convenient high-absorption spray. Better than multivitamin pills that may not dissolve and can overwhelm your body with nutrients that can't be used, Juicy is designed to be taken in multiple micro-doses to maximize your absorption of the vitamins and minerals you need most. Highly recommended for anyone seeking comprehensive nutritional support or struggling to maintain adequate levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

And unlike pills which can overwhelm your body with vitamins it can't use, with Juicy you can fine-tune your dosage for maximum absorption.  Juicy is designed to be re-dosed throughout the day, especially for water-soluble vitamins (such as Vitamin B) which will be discarded by the body if too much is taken at once.  Juicy supports comprehensive nutritional wellness for your entire body, and is perfect for travelers and anyone on-the-go.

Children also love JUICY and it's a great way for children to have fun while getting their vitamins and minerals (and our proprietary blend of 29 fruits and vegetables). 

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